Brain Launch Programs Package

This Programs Package Includes:


LAUNCH Program 1

LAUNCH Program 2

As described on the Brain Launch Programs description page.

The programs are to be used as starting points, so the students do not start out with exercises that are too difficult or exercises that are too easy. You want the exercises to be challenging but not too difficult, so they don’t get frustrated. If they are not challenging enough, they will not benefit as much from the program. Once a student completes a program, they will be ready for the next more difficult program no matter what age they are.

Starting Points
We suggest all children ages 5 – 7 start with the Pre-LAUNCH Program.
We suggest most children ages 8 and up start with the LAUNCH Program 1.

Our programs are based on proven developmental concepts. The exercises strengthen what we call the “Foundational Processing Systems”. These are the information processing systems that form the foundation for physical coordination and self-regulation, attention and concentration, listening and reading comprehension, learning and everyday life performance.

What makes the Brain Launch programs unique? 

Our programs accomplish ALL the following:

  • Programs were designed to be so user friendly they do not require any training to deliver.
  • Only programs develop information processing systems from the ground up (lower level basic processing systems to higher level, more complex processing systems).
  • Exercises develop the Foundational Processing Systems in a face-to-face, one-on-one manner, not on a screen.
  • Programs are fun (most children enjoy the challenge)

All exercises strengthen Real-World Attention, Concentration and Listening Comprehension.

Helpful Resources for Members

Once you’ve purchased your membership and log in you’ll have an easy and intuitive user interface with large buttons. From them you can access each program. Be sure to review the ‘General Instructions’ and ‘Print Materials’ tabs when you get there. A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) page where you can find answers and, if you like, provide your own new questions and answers to help the Brain Launch community. There is information on organization, routines, nutrition, and more.

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